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Over 10 Years Of Experience

Over 10 years of experience working on state projects, various military projects (including Fort Drum), along with multiple schools and fire halls across the country. We offer 1-day installations on most garage and patio projects.

Our floors have a 7-step process that gives the customers a much stronger floor that is industrial grade compared to the other companies that only do a 2-step process (see below). Discounts are offered for package deals including garage and patio installations.

Friendly And Professional Services

Shoreline Epoxy is a trusted epoxy coating provider based in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. We provide a variety of services for homeowners, business owners, and smaller-scale industrial customers.

We know you have options when it comes to selecting an epoxy company in South Carolina but few providers can match the expertise, professionalism, and results that we can. if you have any questions or would like to learn more about the process please reach out to us.


7 Step Process

Shoreline Epoxy offers a 7-step process that gives our customers a much stronger floor that is industrial grade.

Most companies only do a 2-step process to save time and overhead resulting in an inferior product that's lacking the sustainability we provide.


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